kalamay ube recipe


Prepare the latik by moving the coconut milk in to a small cooking pot or pan. Let it boil until it curdles. (See photos below).

Prepare the banana renders (if you prefer) and grease utilizing the oil through the latik.

All ingredients in a wok combine. Mix until well combined.

Cook in low temperature. Keep stirring until mixture is extremely thick.

Transfer the mixture that is cooked the banana actually leaves and top with latik.

Provide warm. Enjoy! ?


Recipe yields 2 cake pans

You can add 1/4 cup more sugar it sweeter. if you want?


Heat coconut milk in a pan. Bring to a boil.

Keep stirring for around 15-20 mins until the milk changed into oil and leave a solid residue.

Prepare the curd by pouring the coconut milk in to a pan. Let it boil until it curdles.

Wilt banana leaf then oil using the oil through the coconut curd.

In a large wok combine the coconut milk, sugar, sweet rice flour and grated purple yam, mix until well combined.

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Kalamay Ube with latik is deliciously sweet and gluey while the snack that is perfect dessert!

Ube kalamay is a spin-off that is delicious of kalamay hati recipe. Apart from the addition of grated purple yam and ube extract, the components and procedure for both these glutinous rice cakes are exactly the same.

If you value kakanin, kalamay ube is for you! It’s very easy to make and a lot of for the work is truly a lot more of stirring religiously until it comes together in a delicious mass that is sticky.

Easy methods to Make Ube Kalamay:

Most of the work is stirring the combination, make use of non-stick pan and a sturdy wooden spoon to make the procedure easier.

The ube extract is to include color and enhance flavor but can be omitted if you like. The mixture that is starting be paler compared to the last item but color will deepen as the kalamay cooks and thickens.